We are creating interactive Augmented- and Virtual Reality Applications as well as 360° Movies for Head Mounted Displays and Multitouch Displays.

Videos are the best way for storytelling, to provide facts or to address emotions. We can capture your message and provide effective advertising to present your product or service from each and the best side! Get a true-to-scale 3D model of your space that can immersively be explored on a virtual tour.

As a service partner of Matterport, we can create you a 360-degree tour with a state-of-the-art 3D camera technology. The system combines RGB cameras with infrared depth sensors, which are used in conventional 3D scannings, to create a unique three-dimensional experience and insight of your premises in the highest quality.

We are offering professional aerial photography and dynamic camera shots for film and television. In addition, our ground and aerial content in 360-degree can also be integrated into interactive VR applications if needed. This way, you can provide a virtual tour of and about your company and companies future in VR.

You own the CAD data of your product? Whether it is industrial machinery, vehicles or architectural
models. We‘ll put your data in the right format and prepare it for the use in the latest game engines like the Unreal, Unity or Unigine. So you will also be able to use your models, presentations, simulations or case studies in real time anytime and anywhere.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the technologies of the future. We are happy to assist you in choosing the right solution and to help you with the implementation of an AR / VR project – whether it‘s about engineering, music, retail, healthcare, education or tactical applications. With AR / VR applications, your product is always in focus.

You have a drawing or a draft of your future product but not enough money to produce a prototype? We can create you a 3D-model of it. You will be able to see and show your future product or concept as a photorealistic image or present it plastically. It is way more easy to provide something never seen before to an investor or potential partner.  We are also able to deliver a functional 3D printed model of your product as well.