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Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the technologies of the future. We are happy to assist you in choosing the right solution and to help you with the implementation of an AR / VR project – whether it‘s about engineering, music, retail, healthcare, education or tactical applications. With AR / VR applications, your product is always in focus. No matter if you are presenting a life-size crane, a vehicle or an industrial machine: you get a solution that lets you present your product in a unique and interactive way, just by using a phone or an head-mounted display.

Serious Gaming

You own the CAD data of your product? Whether it is industrial machinery, vehicles or architectural models. We‘ll put your data in the right format and prepare it for the use in the latest game engines like the Unreal, Unity or Unigine. So you will also be able to use your models, presentations, simulations or case studies in real time anytime and anywhere.

Professional Aerial photography

Professional Aerial photography

Videos are the best way for storytelling, to provide facts or to address emotions. We can capture your message and provide effective advertising to present your product or service from each and the best side! We are also offering inspection flights as well as photogrammetric flights in our portfolio.

In cooperation with our partners we are offering professional aerial photography and dynamic camera shots for film and television. With an experience of over 20 years in camera shootings, editing and post production, we are providing you the content in best quality on the platform of your choice. In addition, our ground and aerial content in 360-degree can also be integrated into interactive VR applications if needed. This way, you can provide a virtual tour of and about your company and companies future in VR.

Surveying, photogrammetry, Laser Scanning (LIDAR) and Tachymetry

Surveying and photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs, especially for recovering the exact positions of surface points. Depending on the accuracy requirements, we can use both photographic images and laser scans to generate the data.

Primarily we use photogrammetry mainly to create so-called orthophotos – specially straightened bird‘s eye images, used for example in geographic information systems. Meanwhile, the photogrammetry is increasingly used in the 3D Reconstruction and documentation of objects and facilities. For purposes of visualization, presentation, construction documentation and planning, 3D models of entire land, factory and construction sites are created. Areas of several square kilometers are not uncommon and can be scanned and visualized with extremely high precision if required.

Parallel to classical imaging, the use of special infrared cameras with multicopters is possible. The near-IR area is used primarily for recording and categorizing vegetation data. Thermographic aerial photography through the use of drones is also ideal for detecting damage to photovoltaic and industrial installations and detecting heat or cold leaks.

Laser Scanning (LIDAR)

LIDAR (also called LADAR) is a surveying method that measures distance to a target by illuminating it with pulsed laser light and measuring the reflected pulses with a sensor. Differences in laser return times and wavelengths can then be used to make digital 3-D representations of the target.


In this way, landslides could be photogrammetrically recorded as a zero measurement. If a slope is prone to slip, repeat measurements are taken at regular intervals as a preventative measure. At the same time, based on the tachymetry, several profiles are created along a slip zone and compared with photogrammetric data from previous measurements. Landslides are hard to prevent but can be predicted with such measurements and at not too great earth masses or slower movement be mitigated in their effect.

Virtual 360-degree Tours

Virtual 360-degree Tours

As a service partner of Matterport, we can create you a 360-degree tour with a state-of-the-art 3D camera technology. The system combines RGB cameras with infrared depth sensors, which are used in conventional 3D scannings, to create a unique three-dimensional experience and insight of your premises in the highest quality.

The virtual tour is hosted in a cloud and can easily be integrated into your existing website and shared on any social network. Even on a smartphone or tablet the tour can be accessed very fast. by providing a link to the customer.. For an even more intense experience the tour could be accessed with the Gear VR, with a Google Card Board or any conventional Head mounted Display.

Get a true-to-scale 3D model of your space that can immersively be explored on a virtual tour. Thanks to high-resolution 360-degree panoramic images, your property is captured realistically and the viewer can be invited directly to your area of attention just by providing a link to your website.

360-degree Videos

360-degree-videos have more to offer than a regular panoramic view. In contrast to conventional videos, the viewer is actively able to direct his or her own view in any direction and to explore the surroundings completely free.

We also offer support for the distribution of your innovative content optimally to address your target group. No difference between 360-degree music clips, virtual-reality movies, live streaming of events or image movies: There are no limits to our creativity!

Don‘t hesitate to contact us for your individual project! We are also happy if we can advise you on the purchase of the right device for your project.

3D Visualization and 3D-Printing

You have a drawing or a draft of your future product but not enough money to produce an prototype? We will create you an 3d Model of it. You will be able to see and show your future product or concept as a photorealistic image or present it plastically.

It is way more easy to provide something never has been seen before to an investor or potential partner in this way. We ignite your imagination and make your dreams come true in Virtual- and Augmented Reality to have a 360 degree digital demo of your product as well.

Our team is a mix of young and experienced professionals from all over the world and with all of our combined skills we are offering you the best high-end quality you can get. Let’s bring your ideas and imaginations to life. And if this is not enough we are also able to deliver an functional 3D printed model of your product as well.